Sourdough shred buns


It is no hidden fact, for those who know me well that I love bread. Sourdough, Challah, English Muffins… I turn my nose up at nothing. Recently my experiences with yeast have surpassed the instant commercial packages (lovely, none the less), but ventured into the world of sourdough. I have found it so fascinating that simply flour, water and time can produce the precursor to make something so delicious.


I am sharing with a bread recipe that I simply had to try after finding it on wildyeast. My family is not a huge fan of loaves of bread, so I shaped little buns according to the recipe. I can see why this was such a hit on the website, as it produced the most shredable bread, without commercial yeast I have ever seen. I followed it word for word because with bread baking, failure can occur with the slightest change(also you do not want a large heavy lump of dough at the end of the day).

A lovely way of introducing sourdough bread to a family not so keen on other starches besides rice…

To Find the recipe simply go to Txfarmer’s Blog on The Fresh loaf. I did a doubled batch and it made 30x 30g buns.



Enjoy guys! Thanks for reading the first post on “The moon blushed Baker” ~(:3)


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  1. February 13, 2013 @ 1:46 am greenatheart

    Hello! These look absolutely delightful and just what I’ve been looking for to make with my starter. I did extensive searching on Txfarmer’s blog and could not find the recipe, would you be able to post it? Thank you!


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