Seed butters fixes all…


This explains life so perfectly sometimes.
Those situations where you swear you never repeat due the assumption you are smart enough that it never happen again
BUT…. somehow, no matter how much we know, it happens once again.
Then we seek solace in chocolate, chips, or in my acse nut butters.


My father’s vacuuming robot has not had one accident down a flight of stairs but two. “The sensor will get it,” he said. “It was tripping on the carpet,” he said.

Let us say we are very grateful that 400 dollars worth of cleaning equipment still works due to this ignorance.

I do not blame him with my relationship; my record for stuffing up seed butters has set me back a few times. You would think that it is easy, unfortunately my impatience has often gotten the better of me and left me with a lump of seed dough rather than spread.

This is hardly a recipe but it is something so delicious that it would peanut butter to shame. The vivid shade of green covers all mistakes and heals all egos.


Pumpkin seed butter
Makes 500ml jar approx

500g raw peptides
Pinch of salt
Food processor

Roast seeds at 170c for 15 minutes, stirring every 5 minutes. You would be able to smell the oils and change slightly from a green to light caramel brown.
Leave to cool
Place them in a food processor, and blend.Scrape down the sides if getting too thick. Do not rush the seeds to break down.
Depending on how smooth you want it, take about 20 minutes.
Pour into the vessel of your choice.
Add to anything.


Seed butter fixes everything…

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