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This time I wanted to try something a bit more traditional for the holidays and stuff. Around this time the Jewish community celebrate Hanukkah, so as a toast to their rich heritage, I tried to make bagels.
Bagels are not as popular in Australia as in the States, but sometimes as lunch treat I get a great one with simple cream cheese and salad for lunch. The chewiness of the bagel is what makes it so addictive for me; and chewing a bagel really allows you to ponder or release the frustrations from the daily grind (just do not bite your tongue).

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The bagel making process is longer than most, but this is my favourite part of the whole experience of bread baking. The steps and work you place into completing something as rewarding as making your own bread is very satisfying. It makes you feel competent in a machine/electronic dependant society. Also speaking before of frustrations, bagel dough is great for tough throw down kneading (image the person you are frustrated at and kneed away). Works wonders.

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I have booked mark this recipe for 100% sourdough bagels ever since I made my sourdough starter. While feeding it once a week, I thought it was perfect opportunity to try my hand at it. Once again, I turn to Wildyeast for sourdough recipes because I am still newbie and I will not argue with the experts on this wonderful site. I topped it with a mixture of flax seeds, chai seeds, and black and white sesame seeds, also I made them a bit smaller for snacking.

Relax, bake and eat a bagel.
Go here for the recipe.

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