The beauty of trial and error, the only way to learn to make apple pie macarons. | The beauty of trial and error, the only way to learn to make apple pie macarons. – The Moonblush Baker



Most things in the kitchen require tweaking and testing in order to get it to perfection. Nobody is perfect in life and in the kitchen. I do not think the Australian’s who developed pavlova or the French who developed choux pastry had a clear idea of what their finished product would turn out like. Changing recipes are part of recipe development itself. Sure many people think they have achieved the “prefect” chocolate chip cookie or “perfect” white cake but these are all subjective opinions. Also the word prefect brings a number of issues to the subject.

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1. There is always room for improvement and growth in my books, and I do not consider this bad thing.

2. Once something, reaches perfection then there is no more room for development or growth therefore remain stable. This is way things become old fashioned in my books and ultimately become boring.

3. Conflict, regulations and arguments. Food should be there to be enjoyed not to have the laws people should follow in order for the food to spread happiness.

4. Snobbishness. This is my main problem with labels of perfection; it means that any variation no matter how good it may be is considered less authentic than the original. Variations add interest and are not to take the place of original.Get you self some freeze dried fruit or vegetables, they are magic pixie dust in the kitchen.

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Life and baking is too subjective to label something as perfect. Think of macarons recipes, people find the ones, which work for them, perfect while they be altered greatly from the original ones developed all those years ago. I love to trial different flavours for macarons, and this time I have received a new ingredient in the mail. My delivery of freeze dried fruit came this week, and I was bouncing with excitement to try them in shells after hearing you could use them to enhance the flavour. This flavour is apple pie, and I kid you not theses really do taste like apple pie. Crispness the shells replicates the tart shell and the creamy spiced apple filling reminds me of eating whipped cream and stewed pie apples.

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Apple pie macarons

Adapted from Other macaron shells by Tartelette

110g almond meal

200g powdered sugar

8g apple freeze dried fruit powder

90g egg whites

28g caster sugar

Place almond meal, sugar and freeze dried fruit in a food processor and pulse till fine powder. Sieve two times.

Follow normal macaron instructions as directed by tartelette

Apple pie cream
20g freeze dried apple pieces

60g cream cheese, room temp

50g marshmellow fluff

130g butter

200g powdered suagr

1 tsp Vanilla essence

2g Cinnamon

1g Nutmeg

2g All spice

Cream butter in a stand mixer for 3 minutes until lighter and slightly whipped.

Add cream cheese and marshmellow fluff. Beat until combined.

Add icing sugar slowly, when fully incorporated turn to high and beat for 5 minutes. You may need to scrape down sides.

Add reminding vanilla, and spices. Beat and set aside until filling.