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I really think everyone can relate to this. Do you go through phases of being able to cook or eat one ingredient for weeks on end? If you do use other food stuffs in meal that one ingredient has to be included in that recipe? Sort of like the picky toddler syndrome when they choose a pick a food for its colour or taste, and refuse to eat nothing but that. I guess I still have this habit when it comes to cooking; I will become so focused on one ingredient and try to get it into everything I see or find new ways of eating it.

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I think I have reached a phase were I have become encapsulated by corn. Any kind of corn food variation; corn flakes, corn meal, popcorn, corn cobs, can corn etc…

Over the weekend, I was served a lovely dish of hard grilled polenta with chilli tomato dressing. I had never had polenta in my life but this dish was fantastic. When I got home I started to research polenta and corn; I could not believe there are so many types of corn derived products out there.

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Polenta shortbread sounds a bit strange but it really works. The Polenta in the short bread adds texture and colour to the normal biscuit, providing a unique bases for other additional flavours that require a bit more substance to carry the flavours. I partnered this base up with another corn staple, microwave butter popcorn( yes I know I can make this myself but I had some begging to be used in my pantry) and butterscotch candies.

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Everyone like butter on their grilled corn right? Add the addition of caramel and you go yourself a sweet treat right their. Corn is not normal in sweet dishes for the west but in Asia they are big favourites. This cookies takes traditional staples and turn it into something exotic.

Buttery, nibbly and sweet. I do not think you can beat that in cookie.

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Buttered Popcorn polenta bites

Makes 25

Adpated from BelindaJeffery’s Mix and bake, Belinda’s polenta and vanilla short bread

170g Plain flour

80g Fine polenta

60g caster sugar

0.5g baking powder

1g salt

130g butter, cool and in 1 cm cubes.

45g egg (crack the egg and beat it then weigh)

1 tsp vanilla extract


One bag of buttered microwave popcorn

30g brown sugar

20 butter

One bag of semi hard butterscotch candies.

In a food processor place flour, polenta , sugar, baking powder and salt and give it a few pulses to combine.

Place in cubes of butter and process until it looks like fatty oatmeal ( you are cutting the butter into the flour)

Whisk the eggs and vanilla in a small bowl. With the processor running dip in the egg mixture until it forms rough dough

Tip on to a floured surface and give it a kneading for 30 seconds.

Shape into a log and wrap in cling film, twisting the ends like a cracker, refrigerate for 3 hours.

Pre heat oven to 170c. Line two trays with grease proof paper.

Slice the long into piece about 5mm thick and lay them 3 cm apart on a the tray.

Bake for 20 minutes until a golden hue is tinting the edges and the bottoms are well browned.

Leave to cool on trays


Melt the butter candies, sugar and butter in a small pot.

Prepare you microwave popcorn and empty in to a large bowl.

When candies are melted pour the sugar mixture over the popcorn. Stir.

Push the candy mixture on top of the cookies and allow to set.