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My baking is so easily influence by what I have been watching or reading. I am not sure if anyone else get this impulse, but sometimes I am glad because it means new exciting flavours for baking. One of Britain most popular chefs, Heston Blumenthal, influenced these macarons. I first heard of him from the popular television show “Master chef” and marveled at the theatrical presentation and process. I have deep geeky love for science and numbers, so it was a no surprise I would love his style of cooking. Also who can say no to the creations with dry ice, dehydrators and blow touches?

This Australia day long week end was a chance for me to catch up on a few good books and finally get to watch some of my food DVDs I have been hoarding for awhile.



One of those Dvd’s was Heston’s Fantastical feats. No plugs here but I ready loved this series. Sure, I cannot recreate what he is making in the programs but they are very inspirational. One of the episodes that left me inspired was one where he recreated the candy shop experience. Not only do I love candy, but the candy store was one of the best experiences from my childhood.

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I might only be twenty but in my suburb, their used to be a candy store. Once or twice a week my sisters would bring me to this shop and by me a treat. Sometimes gummy bear, or sour worms but my favorite was the sherbet lollypops. Pastel rainbow delights often wrapped in clear plastic that was melted on to the stick. Good times, but like most small shops it closed down.

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Chantilly cream is a stabled whipped cream, which is flavoured by syrup. Here I have melted down some gummy lollies and infused it in the mixture creating a candy flavoured filling. The sweetness of the gummy candies are enough to sweeten the cream and produce a unique but familiar flavour. Valentine’s day treat or for the 3pm munchies, candy is always is sweet and tasty.

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Mixed Candy Macaron

Based on Tartette’s Macaron recipe, Featured here and here.

Milk candy Chantilly

1g gold gelatine leaf

10g cold water

140g whipping pure cream

40g milk bottle candies

40g white chocolate

Bloom gelatine leaf in cold water for 15 minutes. Set aside.

Put cream and milk bottles in saucepan and heat until semi melted. Add the white chocolate and stir until everything is combined and melted. NOTE: Do not add chocolate and bottles together as the chocolate may split before the milk candies have melted.

Stir in gelatine leaf and water, and then strain into a medium bowl.

Leave to cool, then store in the fridge for 2 hours.

When ready to use, lightly whip the mixture with a hand mixer.


Your macaron shells

1x Chantilly

30g popping candy or fizzy crushed lollies

Fill the macaron shells with one teaspoon of the Milk candy Chantilly or if piping a reasonable blob. Sprinkle your crushed candy dust on top then finish with the finish final shell.