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Everyone has meal leftovers left in their fridge, I guarantee you (unless you’re talking about a university fridge where it just has cheese and booze in it) My family never waste anything, and when I say anything I really mean ANYTHING. The extent my family uses left overs to is sometimes worrying; my dad would use the left over sauce from leftovers to make a new meal, often placing it in rice or noodles. I am not sure re heating leftovers twice is safe, but his iron stomach still is in good working shape.

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Leftovers are honestly the best thing in fridge when you are weary and slightly hung over. Who has not had left over dinner for breakfast or lunch? Come on I know we all do it. For some strange reason the flavour seems to get better the day after, maybe the flavour is becoming mature like good cheese?

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Anyway enough with my ramblings, on to this bread. This bread actually was an experiment that went well. I had some left over thyme and garlic roasted potatoes in my fridge, too small to serve by its self and too large to stuff into one lunch box. I was bored with the traditional ways of using left over potatoes to make patties, so with a bit of research I realised people used potatoes in their bread.

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There is a lot of scientific gluten bread lingo on the internet that I did not really get but the main point I took away is that mashed potato allows bread to remain softer longer. That was enough information for me to try this adaption in normal bread. Taking inspiration from the British classic of bubble and squeak, I added some more cheese into this bread to enhance the flavour. Depending on what method your leftover potatoes were cooked at changes the amount of liquid you would need in this recipe, so be just be aware of that (roasted > More liquid/ boiled> less lquid). While the potato flavour is quite mellow, the savoury flavours of thyme, garlic and cheddar add interest to the plain bun.

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You do not have to do this but I grated some more cheese on the top and arranged them in a beehive shape. While this is recipe still in progress, you can never have too many recipes for perfect savoury snacking bread.

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Bubble and squeak Bread Buns (Cheddar potato bread)

Makes 14x30gram buns.

140g leftover cooked potato, well mashed.

300g bread flour

10g milk powder

80g cheddar cheese( I used old English) plus extra for topping

180g warm water

6g yeast

5g salt

20g sugar

30g soft butter

Combine 10g sugar, yeast and water in a jug and allow to stand for 10 minutes to activate.

Add all ingredient but butter in a large bowl.

Add yeast water mixture and knead together to form a rough ball.

Transfer to well floured surface and knead until it a solid ball but not completely smooth.

Now knead in 30g butter, and continue until it smooth and bouncy. I kneaded for 30 minutes, by hand.

Oil a bowl. Place dough in bowl and cover with cling wrap, leave for 1 hour or until doubled.

Punch down dough and divide it into 30g balls, Leave to rest for 10 minutes.

Shape as desired and cover with cling film. Leave the proof a second time for 1 hour.

Preheat oven to 200c. Grate more cheese on top of the buns and bake for 30 minutes or until the internal temperature of the bun reaches 190F/87c.

Turn on to cooling rack one done and leave for 10 minutes. Store in airtight box in a cool area.

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