Fridge or pantry?, that is the question /-/ Crunchy nut S’mores | Fridge or pantry?, that is the question /-/ Crunchy nut S’mores – The Moonblush Baker

I have a question for you readers. Where do you store your Peanut butter or alike spreads?

Yes, this is a serious question. Do you keep it in the fridge or in the pantry?

Do you follow the directions on the label, which tell you to place in refrigeration after use?

Do you place it in the fridge because of health reason or because it taste better?

I am asking this because recently I have noticed the labelling and I got into a fight over it with a friend about where you should store peanut butter. So this is how this conversation came about; a few days ago I noticed the Yeast spread that I have been using stated clearly on the label to store in fridge after opening. Now this was a first for me because I have always stored it in the pantry, even as a toddler I stored spreads in pantry. As an experiment, I stored it in the fridge for one day.

This is where the problems start. I like my toast hot and crunchy, and cold spreads do not work well with this. So, you can image a grumpy Belinda, spreading black tar but mostly crushing her piece of toast. This ended up being one of those days when everything went wrong too, I guess that signals how important a good start to the day is.

When I asked my friend about this, she swears by it. Peanut butter, nutella everything is fridge; her reasons are for hygiene and taste.

Sorry but no amount of taste improvement or safely will EVER get me to store spreads in the fridge ever again. I would rather risk the food safety guidelines then sacrifice having a good slice of toast on a Monday morning.

These cookies are something I am going to make again and again, always. I love crunchy nut cereal, honey flakes of cornflakes with toasted peanuts. They have place all the addictive substances in one package and it moonlights as breakfast. I love breakfast food, especially ones which are sweet enough for dessert. The crunchy corn cookie is fine on its own but is elevated to new heights by the marshmallow, and chocolate

This was the first time I actually had S’mores, they are not popular down under. I think it is the culture here and the reminder of dingos eating babies deters people from camping, also we have some scary, poisonous animals here in the country.

I know S’mores are not original but this is my story of discovery and trying everything once.

Crunchy Nut S’mores
Crunchy Nut crisps

Adapted from Women’s weekly cookies

100g white chocolate

80g butter

100g flour

30g polenta

70g honey roasted peanuts, ground

0.2g salt

2g baking soda

Melt butter and white chocolate in a small sauce pan over low heat, stir constantly until melted. Transfer to a large bowl. Leave to cool.

Shift flour, polenta, salt baking soda and 50g of ground honey roasted peanuts in bowl.

Add flour mixture to butter chocolate mixture and stir to fully combined. Fridge for 15 minutes until firm enough to roll.

With a melon baller or teaspoon make balls from the dough and place on lined baking trays. Place them 8cm away from each other. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Pre heat oven to 160c. Place cool tray in oven and bake for 13mintues until lightly golden. Cool on trays.


2 block of 100g dark chocolate or 70% cocoa buttons.

1 packet 300g white marshmallows

100g crushed salted peanuts

1 recipe of Crunchy nut crisp

To make the s’mores, on a lined baking tray place one cookie base side up.

Layer in this order of marshmallow, crushed salted peanuts and then chocolate on that cookie base.

Return to a warmed oven but switched off. Allow them to melt together for about 10 minutes.

Take tray out and gently push a cookie to seal the S’more.

Cool and then serve right now!