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This line is probably something I have heard hundreds of time over the years whenever I tell people I have two sisters. You would think that three sisters coming from the same parents would at least have similar characteristics; wrong. We might be sisters, but more often than not people think we come from different Asian families. When we stand next to each other most people guess we are friends rather than siblings. Anyone else experience this?

I think there are few reasons for this.

My older sister is you typical oriental beauty; fair pale flawless skin, very slender and the normal oriental features. Compare this to my middle sister who has more westerner features; larger eyes, tan skin, taller and having a lighter variation to normal black hair. Then there is me, people say I fall into the middle of this range. Not typically Asian but definitely not western.

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I have recently mentioned that my sisters are into Makeup and hair. Both of them work for a major fashion and makeup companies, owning their own business for wedding makeup and hair; so you can guess they are girly and on trend with fashion. While I am here with my cooking, baking, sport and recently revived passion for art and photography. I might be their sister but I am so new to makeup and hair it is embarrassing.

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For example, recently I have done my makeup for the first time by myself at the age of 20. I think I was late bloomer, and I am still lagging behind. I am talking the real deal; foundation, lips, full eyes and fake eye lashes!!! So proud of myself, similar to the feeling when your macarons turn out for the first time or when you get your first loaf of sourdough (yes I relate everything back to food and baking).

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These rolls are the unrecognisable sister to the Asian shallot bun in the stores. They are not made from normal dried yeast but sourdough and whole wheat flour. While they have the undertones of that typical soft, sweet and salty bun; it is different with added dept due to the natural yeast and wholemeal texture. These hearty buns are better for roasted game meats or gourmet sandwiches than the regular shallot rolls. You can use any kind of small herb if you do not have shallots. I think rosemary would be wonderful if you wanted to serve a more western variation. I used the whole shallot green bits and all, I like that sweet rawness of spring onion but you can just use the white bit if you find the green too bitter.

Whether we look the same or not; I love my sisters. Celebrate your relationship with your siblings today. Why not bake some Shallot bread with them?

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Sourdough shallots bread knots

Makes 16 buns.

Barely Adapted from TxFarmer’s Recipe for Ricotta Sourdough.

levainstarter (100%), 40gwater, 66g

bread flour 122g

1. Mix and let fermentation for 12 hours covered in a large bowl.

Final Doughbread flour, 382gwhole wheat flour, 250 gegg 118gRaw sugar 41gsalt, 16 gWarm whole, 170gchopped shallot, 40gwater, 218g Butter 40g, softened

levain from before

– For Brushing
Mix everything but he butter and scallions in a large bowl, until it becomes bouncy and smooth. I kneaded by hand for about 25 minutes. Slowly add the butter until it has absorbed by the bread.

Place in an oiled bowl and allow to rise covered for 4 hours. It should be double by now.

Punch down and add the scallions. Transfer to the fridge over night.
Divide into 16 portions, roll into rough balls and rest for one hour.

Line two trays with baking paper

Roll into a rope about 25cm long. Tie a loose knot in the middle of the rope then tuck the extra dough around the opposite sides of knot. Seal by pinching it into the middle. This should give you a knot like a Kaiser roll, but rougher.

Proof at room temperature until almost fully developed, I did mine for 6 hours. When pressed the dough should slowly spring back a little bit.

Pre heat oven to 190c and bake for 35 minutes.

Allow to cool on wire racks and store in airtight boxes.

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