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mangopudding-4-9042446 I am drowning in mangoes period. I think I have 6 boxes of cut up pureed mango in my freezer now and a couple in fridge. I have spoken about my love affair with fruit and often we buy more than we can eat. Right now, My father’s mango tree is producing more mangoes than we can give away. It would seem such a waste them for them not to be turned into something delicious, especially since mangoes have been pricey and rare this season. I think it could be due to the wetter and more violent weather.



My father’s mango tree I think is almost 7 years old, I remember the first time he bought it home too. Small little thing only about 3 meters by 3 meters, not much going on but leaves and flowers for a few years too. Right now it spans over 10 meters in all directions and it is the main attraction of our garden now. Fingers cross this keeps up for the remaining days of mango season.

This is tribute to my dad’s love for mango, many hours of labour and hundreds of dollars in keeping it alive have finally paid off.

Of course he has complained and moaned about the problems facing the tree and vented his frustration in chinese, but he continues to do it. He is the FOCUSed type I guess(Follow one course till you succeed).

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Of course when you have mangoes, I immediately think of one thing. Mango pudding. Yum cha style mango pudding. You hear the racket of the steel cart pushing towards your table, the clinking of the glass bowls bumping into each other. The lady stops and you order your dim sum. Thump click, goes the marker on your bill paper and you are handed an plate with a egg yellow sphere covered in evapourated milk. Mango pudding at its best is creamy without being heavy, almost too sweet but is off set with the addition of evapoured milk.

The normal ones in the lower classed yum chas are god awful, but when you get a good mango pudding you know it is made from the purest mango flesh. No artificial flavour can stand up to the unique tang of fresh mango. Asian style mango pudding really should be called jelly, but then that would confuse it with the other type of jelly dessert you can get on the din sum cart.