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Accents, Yep accents. Who thinks they are awesome?? It always makes people so much more interesting to listen too (sorry folks, but that the truth and you know it).


You can play the game where you guess where they are from based on their accent, or if you fancy them it is great conversation starter. I think a number of guys have use this before on my friends. Also who does not love an English or Italian accent to make them seem, oh so more sexy and mysterious? I smitten with the English accent by the way. I know it is not conventional but Heston Blumenthal melts my heart.



While looks still do count in this day and age, if you have accent people seem to remember you and be entranced by your accent. I come from Australia but our accent is not that sexy. Distinctive, yes. Attractive, not so much. However the various level of Aussie accent can be plotted around the country.

I remember a study once that reached the various tones of the Australian accent around the country. Slight difference in phonics were detected, with the level of nasal grunts changed the sound. Interest tid bit there. However not all experience are positive.

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SO talk I present to you the fish and chips cupcake! The base is the same I used for the Donut and coffee cupcakes here but this time I used a filling of lemon curd and whipped white chocolate frosting. The “fish fillets” are simply a sugar malt cookie covered in white chocolate then covered in a coat of finely crushed toasted coconut and cornflakes. The chips are the same thing but I coated some of them in sugar/salt mix, You can do this for the whole thing to make it look more real but I got lazy(>_