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I get embarrassed sometimes when I have speak to strangers(or people in general). I admit a majority of it in the past was due to my shyness; as a child I was the one who would hold on to my parents leg and bury my face into their leg whenever I had the chance. Thankfully growing up has provided me with enough confidence to at least not run away and hide when I have to meet new people.



However my problem now is not my shyness but my pronunciation of the English language. Yep the old tomato debate; and everything that comes along with it (e.g. spelling/grammar). I have the worse time when it comes to pronouncing words for the first time. This is particular embarrassing when I have to go shopping.



You might ask why shopping would cause me problems rather than a normal conversation. Over the years I have developed my skills in the kitchen and my knowledge about cuisines; this means I can bake and cook more variety for my family and friends. This has directly affected the amount and range of ingredients I buy so I can taste them and cook with them. I do not know about you but why, why are some food stuffs so hard to pronounce? Especially referring to the European countries cheese and deli products. I think it took me a couple of goes at German food stuffs to get it remotely right.

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I might be a baker of sweet things but I am a savoury girl at heart. I do not think there is anything better than cheese, butter and bread. So every time I go shopping I am always after a new cheese. My most recent trip to the supermarket illustrates my point exactly. I often buy my cheese from a deli section or a specialised deli, so I have to talk to someone if I want to buy dairy foods. This time I wanted to buy some an alpine cheese, sweet and nutty is what I was in mood for. 

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Looking at the selection table, something caught my eye; a new cheese? Yes please! Unfortunately it also came with a complicated name, Berner Alpkäse. Let me say the person serving me was very nice to not make fun of me. I was surprised they were not more offended at the way I butchered the Swiss language, but I guess they are nice people. Maybe one day I will actually get one right first go, until then I stubble my way through language like most do.



Triple White chocolate tart

Mascarpone mousse

200g white chocolate

60ml white chocolate liquor

30g icing sugar

230g mascarpone cheese, room temp.

250ml pure cream

White chocolate coated, Short crust tart shell

100g butter, cold in 1cm dice

100g vegetable shorting, cold 1cm dice

240g plain flour

15g caster sugar

30ml ice water

Extra:100g white chocolate, melted


Golden oreos

Mini white chocolate chips

Tart shell

In a food processor blitz all the ingredient but the ice water until it looks like yellow bread crumbs.

With the motor running, Slowly add tsp. at a time until till becomes lumpy.

Turn dough ball out on to a flour surface. Pat it into a circle shape and wrap with cling film.

Refrigerate for 1 hour. Pre heat oven to 210C

Roll your dough ball out on a floured surface to about 4mm thick. Line your tartlets cases (4 in this case) by rolling he pastry back on the rolling pin then draping it over the tart shell.

Gently push the pastry in to the tart shell shape. Prick with a fork all over and fridge for 30minutes.

Cover tart shell with cringle baking paper and fill with weights (bean, baking beads or coins). Bling bake for 10 minutes.

Remove baking beads and bake the tart shell for a further 10 minutes or until light golden.

Allow tarts to cool in shells. Once cool, using a tea spoon, spread and coat the inside of these shells with white chocolate. Set aside till dry and ready.


Chop you white chocolate finely. Add to a large bowl over simmering water to melt. Once melted take off the heat and leave to slightly cool

In another bowl mix your cheese, liquor, and icing sugar until combined. Add the white chocolate to this mix. Fold in.

Whip your cream to soft peaks then pour into the white chocolate mix Fold till combined. Set aside until needed.


Fill you mousse in the tart shell. Fridge for 5 minutes

Half your oreo cookies and stick them into the tart.

Finish with mini white choc chips, Refrigerate overnight.

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