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As we all know what is considered social norms have evolved great from our prehistoric, pre enlightenment times. It is funny how it used to be unacceptable for a woman to go out without a male escort or the amount of emphasis on dress codes in normal everyday life. I think I remember seeing an example.

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I am not sure if anyone can relate to this but where dress or skirt lengths were measured, so they would not be too short or something in schools? For the blokes out there can you imagine having to wear a different hat everyday depending on where you were on the social scale?

These moments I thank my stars that I live in the 21st century.

However many of you might think I am prudish when it comes to music culture. I am not sure about you but has the recent trend in music and music videos is to be as risqué as possible? To be as borderline M or R rated in your music video or lyrics? Sure it is not the 90s any more when skimpy was considered Brittany spears was in her high school but someone out there has to be alarmed at the recently developments.

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Yes music and video has been away to mediate social change; I am thinking Madonna and her cone bra. We all remember the break up song that used more swear language than Gordon Ramsay at rush hour.

Even the Lady Gaga video was too much for some; I think religious groups had a fit over this. However I think I found the ultimate example a few days ago.

This is my response to watching and ultimately wanting those 3 minutes of my life back) the New PSY video youtube. I have never seen a music video or song allude to more adult themes and display such brass actions in my life! Call me prude or shrew but I am slight uneasy that this was allowed to play in full on television as well during morning peak hour time slots. I am way too uncomfortable during the noodle eating scene in the video. I know it just for fun but what happen to fun that was not demeaning or involved disgracing yourself?

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None the less, pushing the boundaries are all about discovery. I think I have discovered the adulterated version of our beloved peanut butter. In Australia we have the prized nut, the but that rules all all others because of its overt butter richness and creamy mouth feel. I am talking about the macadamia nut. Yes, it is expensive but your worth it.

Now salty nut butter is great but sweet and salty is better. The caramelised honey macadamia nuts are roasted sprinkle with pink sea salt. After blending  intoto a paste; poured into your favourite jar or eaten straight out the blender ( do not worry we all do it).If you think cookie butter is good, this has to be on par. Rich and buttery, sweet but still got a bit of bite and best of all it is made from one ingredient!

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This can be used in the same way peanut butter; so just think of the possibilities! Nut based Cookies, cake and pie could all use a shake up and this is way to do it. If you want to make it more dessert like, you can add melted cocoa butter or mini white chocolate chips. This creates a melting white chocolate swirl when spread on to hot bread or placed into oatmeal.

I really think you should at least try this once in yourself because you will not regret it. One set of ingredients, one blender and you have jar of solace. Really, what more can a girl ask for?

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Roasted honey macadamia nut butter

Makes approx. 600g of butter

500g raw macadamia nuts

90g honey (EDIT: if vegan use rice syrup or malt syrup)

50g brown sugar

1tsp course pink sea salt

Optional: white chocolate chips or cocoa butter nibs.

In a sauce pan warm up you honey and sugar mix.

Preheat the oven to 170C. Line a baking tray with foil.

Place your nuts on this tray and bake for 10 minutes or until lightly toasted.

Pour honey sugar mix on to roasted nuts and stir to coat.

Return to oven and stir ever 5 minutes to prevent burning.

Do this for 20 minutes. Once out of oven sprinkle on salt and allow to cool.

Once cooled, put in food processor and blend until smooth. This took me about 20 minutes. Scrape down the sides if needed.

Optional: once smooth place in your cocoa butter nibs or white chocolate chips. Stir in.

Pour in your jar of choice.

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