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I wish I could some identify with others around my age. I am 21 but the idea of sitting at home, baking a cake on Friday night has to be the best way of spending an evening. Not even during my rebellious teenage years did I fancy the high life of running the streets at midnight and drinking till I could not remember where I was the next morning. This has become more attractive due to the cold weather change in Australia. While it might not be as cold as the winter in the states, the wind coming up from the south pole is sending chills down my spine. This is coming from someone who HATES! the heat with a passion. I still go through at least a tub (or two) of ice cream a week; thank goodness for raging metabolism right?



Growing up, I was always considered mature for my age; often being mistaken for one of the older kids (not always a bad thing sometimes). Is it because I am ageing faster than I should? No, can not be that I still watch re-runs of Winnie the pooh for fun. Maybe I have been around my parents for too long and their habits have rubbed off on me? Eh… I would rather stay at home even if I knew the reason why.

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This reluctance to go out at night probably has something to do with my habit of cooking and baking a majority of my baked good after dark (Yep explaining why I called my blog the moon blush baker). My neighbours most likely think my family is weird or a secret process factory because I have been known to bake bread at 11 pm at night (yes that is pm before the next day). The waft of freshly baked cookie, bread and cake come from my house at 12am at night; I am sorry to all the people trying to sleep while I do this! I cannot control were the aroma goes.

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However baking t night does have it benefits. Case and point: Left over Donuts and cold coffee. You are thinking right now that I have gone bonkers. Trust me, I have not. These are the secret to the best night snack/ early breakfast you can have when you are craving the sweet stuff. I hear majority of the students in the states are going through exams (best of luck to you guys too!); but this is the result of late nigh study fatigue and my unbroken focus on desserts.

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We all know coffee and donuts are great for the breakfast; the special meals when you either say screw it or too tired to care about the nutrition content. This is a twist on the bread and butter puddings which I love so much (IT has bread in the name; how can I resist?) By using stale-ish donuts and combining cold coffee with eggs and milk; you have instant meal for that night or breakfast the next morning in one bowl! The re baking the butter, cinnamon sugar coated donuts again is bring new life in left overs. Sure you can have it like that but a swig of cream, rum or chocolate makes it YOUR pudding.

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I only made the recipe for one big, stressed student portion but will feed two content adults. This can be bake right away or left over night, either way it is a delicious meal for one.

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Donut / Dough nut and coffee pudding

2-3 cinnamon coated donuts. Cut into 1.5cm pieces. This depends in how big you donuts are but for my 15cm by 6cm pan I used 2.

100ml of strong espresso (or make up 2tsp of coffee in 100ml of hot water)

200ml milk

50g caster sugar

1 egg

1 egg yolk

15g vanilla malted milk

raw sugar

Optional: 30ml of rum, whisky, cake flavour or coffee flavoured vodka.

Extras: cream, cocoa, nuts, chocolate coffee beans, fruit or chocolate chips.

Pre heat oven to 160C. Butter your oven safe dish of choice.

Place you cut up donuts in the dish.

Whisk in a small bowl your egg, egg yolk, sugar and malted milk. Mix your coffee and milk (and optional extra) together in a jug.

Pour the milk coffee mix into the egg mix while whisking until combined.

Slowly pour the custard on to the donuts in the dish. You may have to wait a bit so the milk mix does not spill over. Leave for 10 minutes to soak.

Sprinkle with coffee sugar or raw sugar.

Bake in your oven for 15 -20 minutes. It should be wobbly in the middle; this is to prevent it over cooking.

Cool for 5 minutes to prevent mouth injury. Serve with your choice of extras. You can so whatever you feel like it is your personal pudding!

NOTE: Once this is baked and cooled, it makes for a fantastic cold pudding with ice cream.