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I do not think there is staple more misunderstood, more hated on than the humble loaf of bread. For some people the phase ”the best thing since slice bread” is a blunt contradiction and should be cast away, along with a baguette. Paleo movement being so hot right now, I fear I will soon become the minority who can NEVER live without carbohydrates. However please note bread haters, not all bread is created equal. Sure some are the bread which represent a dessert more than a common staple but please do not forget your sprouting or sourdough breads.

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More importantly demonising a particular food for health reason means that the rest of us are affected. I cannot tell you the number of time I have been at the bread counter and people have commented on the “unhealthiness” of bread, while I am buying it. Look I respect if you do not want to eat bread, more carbs for me; but DO NOT push with your food view on me. Maybe I get these comments because I go buy bread in area where a paleo club is set up? (NOTE: To all the polite paleos and bread avoiders, I am sorry that these people in Australia exist. Shame to the minority who give the rest of you a bad look)

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The simple bread is never fully acknowledged for it greatness. We have reduced it worth so much that it can be simply thrown like rock or shoe.

I am outraged that ANOTHER (yes this has happened before) sandwich has been sacrificed again to portray a view point at an Australian Government figure. What ever happen to simply saying, “We do not like you or your policies”?

I guess when we are passionate about something we go back to our most primal instincts of throwing whatever is closest to us. Although, if I were to throw a sandwich at someone I might as well make it count something pointy and hard like a rustic baguette or something.

I do not think I will be throwing bread at anyone soon (unless throwing a bagel in mouth before I run of to University counts). Today I bring you savoury loaf bread. After a few sweet posts I feel the need to indulge my habit of bread and cheese in one. This loaf is modelled after those twists loafs you often see using cinnamon sugar or cocoa. I adore the look of those and the swirls mean the flavour is not only pretty to look at but the contrast of big pockets of flavour make the loaf an exciting thing to eat . I am not deviating too far from upper soft of cheese and herb buns you see in the supermarket, I used to love these as a kid. I would so often eat the inside them save the crust to last with the burnt cheese.

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How do you eat bread? The crust or insides first? Are you tearier or a biter?

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This simple half white spelt loaf with a ribbon of extra virgin olive oil, grated parmesan cheese and mixed herbs. I am a good fan of different flours, and I have particularly fallen for spelt. The big holes of crusted cheese mean that experience of saving the crusty bits to last can be experienced throughout the bread. I know most of think bread is hard but really like most things it just takes experience to learn what works. Be adventurous this week in the kitchen and cook up loaf, any loaf to celebrate the wonder of bread!

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Twisted Parmesan herb loaf.
A standard 24 by 13 loaf tin

7g yeast

20g malt sugar

330g warm water

25g milk powder

400g white spelt bread flour

100g white bread flour

5g salt

40g olive oil

100-150g Parmesan cheese grated plus 30g set aside for topping

2tsp mixed dried herbs (any kind will do, I use a mix of oregano and basil here)

40g extra virgin olive oil

Corse black pepper for topping

Egg wash of one egg plus 15ml water.

Activate yeast in the mixture of warm water and sugar. Allow to sit for 20 minutes or until foamy.

Place flours,  salt, oil, milk powder in large bowl. Stir to combine

Pour in yeast mixture and knead on a well-floured surface. The mixture will be wetter than normal dough, but knead for about 30-40mintues by hand. Knead until it has the ability to hold itself up into a round shape.

Grease a large bowl and the ball of dough and cover. Allow to proof for 2 hours.

Pre heat oven to 200C. Grease, line and flour your loaf pans. I used a small Asian loaf pan so I had to make two, but the standard 1 pound loaf tin will deal with this amount dough nicely.

Punch down dough once doubled. Roll out dough into a rough rectangle, brush on olive oil and sprinkle your cheese and herbs.

Be firm when you roll up the loaf like a Swiss roll. Cut the log length ways to revel the stripped cheese insides.

Carefully braid the two halve together, while twisting it in the opposite direction you are braiding. So if you going left side first, turn the braid right and vice versa. Once braided, tuck the ends in.

Place in the prepared tin.

Brush with egg wash and sprinkle your cheese and black pepper on top. Proof again for 1 hour, covered with cling wrap.

Once it has doubled, Take off cling and bake in the preheated oven for 35 minutes.

Once bake, cool for 5 minutes and turn out on to cooling rack.