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Anyone else think children grow up too fast? I know I am starting to sound like those child scare campaigns but I cannot help but look at all the Disney stars; in some cases shake my head. I feel sorry for them. Yes, I would NEVER want to trade places with someone who has to face the media 24-7 and public opinion. This hard logical outlook is because I am too sensitive in a world like this to fully be exposed. I like to call this the “Disney curse”. Sorry mickey, you have screwed up a lot of talented people. No offence.



Not just Disney stars but children who grow up in the public eye. I am going to say this and I know many people will hate me for it, but a majority of them their twenties and teenage years were train wreaks (and some of them continuing into adult hood). Lindsay Lohan, Britany Spears, Olsen twins and right now to some extent Justin Bieber have all or are going through a crisis of identity.


Even Amanda Bynes is being hammered by the media for a mental disorder, not cool at all magazine journalists. Miley Cyrus has gone all bad arse on us and trying way too hard to remove the “clean girl image from her name”. Who saw her out fit for the latest V magazine??? That thing for Vanity Fair, tame as a lamb compared to this.


Now I would love to have their talent or money. Who did not want to learn how to dance to “hit me baby one more time”? Though giving up my sanity for it? not so sure. The Disney curse does highlight the importance of normative life style to stabilise the brain during teen years. While I may not be able to sing like them, act like them or be treasured by millions; I can at least say I got though high school without an addiction, dysfunction lifestyle and a relative normal mind (I always think about food creations for my next cook, so this might be obsessive)


One of those things that kept me sane is my love for ice cream. Not just any ice cream but Neapolitan ice cream. You may think this is boring and a bit naff, but hell I am bit out fashioned anyway. This was the taste of ice cream for a majority of my life. For some reason I tend to eat the chocolate first. For me the strawberry was the best part then vanilla then chocolate. Even today I still eat the flavours separately.


What is your flavour during your young teen years or how did you eat your ice cream?


Today I made you cookies! Cookie are always welcome in the kitchen and a much need break from writing 3000 word essays requiring me to be deep, dark and “opened ended”. This thick, chewy cookie with substance is just waiting for a dunking in your tea or coffee. By combining the forces of Neapolitan flavoured ice cream and semi sweet chocolate chips, you have a taste of teenage summers and family holidays. Soft baked strawberry, chocolate and vanilla cookies are base off those swirled ones I have seen on Food blogs. Too cute>_