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For you readers in the Northern Hemisphere, I admit you would not be thinking about pudding right now. Considering I have heard it has been the hottest summer on record for some of the major cities; I feel for you. However, right now the weather in Australia is turning down. The chill factor is disabling me enough that I have entered a stage of semi-hibernation; my term for sleeping in to afternoon when it has reached an decent temperature.


Really who would not want to be in hibernation sometimes? Besides the fact I am slightly disturbed that your heart rate drops to just above dying and you need to eat a truck load beforehand.

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Even though it is more of struggle to get up in the morning during winter, for me it is my favourite season. Winter gives Australia some the best food produce. Apple crumble and pumpkin soup are high on my craving list right now, as is sliver beet cheese bakes and lentil stews. All comfort foods, all the time right now. Soups and stews are always paired with good bread, soups bread bowls are on my to cook list right now. So I if you have recipe you recommend please send it to me!

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Sure I am happy that apple, brassicas, and pumpkin season here but I love of winter fashion. I know I do not mention my other hobbies besides food and baking but I adore fashion in winter. I love the big coats, layers of knitted sweats and the sky high boots which resemble a piece of art rather than foot ware. My favourite piece of fashion during winter, the knitted hats! It is the effortless way to look Paris cute on any day you feel worse for wear.

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On the flip side of fashion, winter give you the best excuse to be a daggy. To shamelessly wear trackies and snuggie blanket all day, while watching old television and making a mini fort on lounge. Right now I gotten back in to “Friends” again, oh how I miss them! Nobody makes television like they use to. Another thing the cold means it is acceptable to roam the streets in home clothes. Uggies, dressing gowns and borderline night ware are fashion trends in my local shopping area. Honestly, Who wants to putting on real clothes to go out to supermarket to get milk when it is cold?

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I know it is a bit strange for to post a recipe which uses a bread I have not yet posted but I think this muffin loaf deserves its own spot light. The base of this mini loaf is a bread and butter pudding, however it has a firmer custard base meaning it can be eaten like a muffin or pull apart bun. By using a homemade nutella swirled brioche loaf as the bread means ripples of hazel nut goodness and additional chocolate chips twist though out this loaf. While the topping is a simple sprinkle of coffee sugar, the crunchy top provides the nice contrast against the tender custardy insides. A simple pudding which is best served warm but it can be easily warmed up.

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Nutella “muffin” bread pudding
Make 8 mini loaves

200g stale Nutella briochie bread, cut into 2cm pieces. ( For you guys, you can use any sweet soft bread and sandwich it with nutella then cut out the pieces)

175g mini chocolate milk chips

1 egg

1 egg yolk

250ml full cream milk

30g brown sugar

1tsp vanilla Extract

30ml dark rum

Coffee sugar

Pre heat oven to 180c. Grease a mini loaf pan and line with baking paper, making sure it comes up the sides of each loaf by 3cm. This will make for easier removal once baked.

Mix in large jug your milk, egg, egg yolk, vanilla, rum and brown sugar.

In each muffin loaf case line the base with a few cubes of nutella bread. After sprinkle a few chocolate chips then top with remaining bread.

Once all loaf tins are filled, slowly pour wet mix on the bread. Leave for 5 minutes or until absorbed) the pour more mix. Continue this process until all wet mix has been used.

Sprinkle with coffee sugar and bake in oven for 25 minutes or until the sides are well set.

Leave to cool, for 15 minutes before serving with choice of cream, ice cream or spread.