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For anyone who has been through or (currently going through) secondary education, namely University or collage, there soon comes to point where you become very depressed. Maybe it only happens to art or social science students but in my last year of education; social science has sucked out the life any kind of positive social change.



So how does it relate to food? Well I have become more depressed about the state of our food system than when I first begun looking at food politics. It is impossible to ignore issues surrounding agriculture and common resource use; it is everywhere. Your morning coffee run is most likely from a chain that sources “fair trade” beans (whatever you think it means), the cup is 100 precent recycled material from odd coffee cups and the sexy brown sugar you use is “naturally sourced”. I am not blaming you, I do this too; but what I thought was the just the normal system is always, (really always!), something bigger than what is on the surface.

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Sociology has sucked the life out any positive food experience; like when Pollan decided to write a book about how we are all going to hell because we buy into commercialism and grow our own food. Of course I think it is important we do pay attention to these issues, and make serious attempts of changing our food resourcing ; using guilty to change the way we purchase food is not working. In fact it makes use less likely to change, because I am pretty sure I am not the only one who has thought “Hell this system is bigger than me; so I am going to just go with the flow”

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These writers fail to realise is the common Joe who lives in standard suburb is not as a privileged as they make us out to be. Our lives are more complicated than they make it out to be. We do not have the resources or time to hope down to local farmer’s market every week in order to purchase the Non-commercial veggies and fruit; and the average weekly budget of a family can hardly cover life as it is now without the added cost of Organic.

Also what about the families who have bigger issues than the food we eat? namely disability support and medical support for those who care or suffer from chronic illness. For them it is not a main issue whether or not their pork comes from a free range pig: they are trying to keep their head float with other expenses.

Should they feel guilt just because there are not buying according the sustainable living mantra?

Like I said depressing. 

FAIL Belinda Fail. 

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The top is painted with a black olive and basil pesto. I am not sure how to describe this but it is dark, salty and reminiscent of an adult cheese and bacon bread. We all know how much we love those bacon and cheese rolls. Free to use whatever cheese you want but if you do use the ones I did, place the gruyere on first then the edam cheese. This means you will not get the weird crackle look I have; Unless you are making this for Halloween which you can then pull off a scary zombie bread. Foldable sandwich bread with a savoury cheesy pesto crust; sandwiches are calling to be made with this bread.