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Before I go on to talk about this cake, I feel I need to address an issue often promoted by post such as these. I am talking about childhood nostalgia and all the positive emotions that come along with the expression of innocence. While I may use my childhood as a reference point for some of happiness and memorable moments of my life; if I was honest a majority my childhood was filled with some of the loneliest and soul crushing experiences. I guess they say what does kill you makes you stronger right? If that is true I have a heart of stone and a skin as thick as quick sand.

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The reason why I am bring this up is that my sister just had a little baby girl. Yes, she is too cute and totally chubby bubble that you want to eat but whenever I look at her, I hope she does not grow up with a childhood like mine. Not that my family life was bad, that was actually the good part; I am referring to when she goes to school and interacts with other kids. I have been a victim of school yard bullying not only school yard but anytime I came to interact with other kids in public.

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I do not know how many of you can relate to this but I was the kid most people picked on. “Oh woe you”, some will say as they roll your eyes. “We all feel like this at one stage” and to some extent I agree with them. However when you experience being the unpopular pick on kid for a majority of your primary (kindergarden to year 6); you become different. I was the person mostly to picked last in the team for school sports and segregated from playground games. I was the unpopular girl who was friends with one of popular girls; the tag long essentially. For any of you who can relate to this it is incredibly painful as child not be accepted by your peers; mocked for the simple reason of “we do not like you”.

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While I did grow up to except I would never really fit, a moment in my in year 5 changed my outlook on life. In short the new girl I became friends with, introduced to my friends; inevitably turned the entire year on me (she started “I hate Belinda club”). I hate admitting this because I believe I should be stronger, but I remember crying almost every night because I was taunted every time I entered the playground. From that moment on not only did I believe I was geneticly made to be hated but it prevent me from talking to anyone for about year and half. I guess this is why my spoken English is so bad.

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Yes I have gotten over most it, but I felt I need to address that REAL childhoods are not all filled with sprinkles and unicorns popping marshmallows.

Now after that long and depressive post, I bring you sprinkle cake! Of course all the popular babies get sprinkle cakes for their one month birthday right?

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This may look fancy and complicated but this cake is simply the easiest cake I have ever made. I might be a baker but sometimes I need a quick cake that requires less effort. You can call it my love/ hate relationship with baking; sometimes I can go all out, others not so much.

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The ice creams on this cake not are just for decoration but the cake is made from melted ice cream, box mix, eggs and milk. Yes, simply the easiest cake you can make and it taste like ice cream. Honestly I cannot think of better cake when you are short on time. I saw this recipe and honestly I was sceptical of the end result however I was pleasantly surprized at the end texture. It is not dry and keeps a very tender crumb. Well you cannot really go wrong with cake mix and tub of ice cream can you?

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The icing is butter and almond flavoured Swiss butter cream to replicate the “birthday cake flavour” found in Store bought birthday cakes. Very vanilla flavoured ice cream cakes sandwiched with creamy buttery “cake” icing and crushed up birthday oreos is just the thing to mark my little nieces 30 day birthday. While this may not be a mind blowing original cake, it is still fun and way too easy not to share. Even the clumsiest baker can do this! What are you waiting for? Try it!

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Ice cream sprinkle cake with birthday cake butter cream

From cookie and cups


1 box cake mix, I used vanilla

1 pint ice cream, melted

3 eggs

2 8 inch pans or 4 5inch pans

Preheat oven to 180C

Grease cake pan liberally with cooking spray or butter and flour.

Mix the cake mix, eggs and ice cream together and beat for 2 minutes on medium speed.

Follow box for baking times. Time will vary based on type of pan you use.

Let cool and remove from pan.

Allow to cool on wire rack.

Butter cream recipe

French butter cream

6 yolks

250g caster sugar

30ml water

450g butter

2 tsp clear butter flavour

1tsp almond extract

In a stand mixer beat egg yolks until pale yellow and fluffy. This takes about 7 minutes.

At the same time, in a sauce pan combined sugar and water. Place on stove on medium heat. You are making sugar syrup.

Heat the syrup, swirling to evenly distribute heat. Bring the mix to 118C.

Once it reaches this temperature, drizzle the syrup into the beating bowl of egg yolks. Make sure to pour down the side to avoid the beaters.

Continue to beat until this mix is room temperature. It will not be as big as the normal egg white mixes but it should be pale and creamy.

Change to paddle.

Add the butter slowly on medium speed. Scrape the bowl often. Continue this process until all butter is added.

Add butter and almond flavour beat on high medium until fluffy.

Set aside.


One cake recipe, cooled and trimmed

One butter cream recipe

One packet of crushed oreos (I used birthday cake ones)

6 waffle cones, trimmed to the mini, mini size. About 3 cm tall cones

100g melted dark chocolate

Baking tray

2 packets of sprinkles

Cut the domes off your cakes and set aside.

Ice and fill each cake, you can get wonderful tutorial here on Bakers Royal but just do not do the ruffles. Before you place on the other layer place crumbled oreos in the middle.

Set in the fridge to cool for 1 hour

Make your ice cream cones

Using a melon baller, take scoops of butter cream and place on the mini cones. Fridge for 1 hour

Dip the butter cream into the chocolate then top with sprinkles. Fridge again for 1 hour or until needed.

Continue on with the cake and finishng it

Follow the cakes blog tutorial for the cake: GO HERE!!!

Honestly it is best tutorial you will find and it is so clear

Place on your cones, secure your cones with a little melted chocolate.

Fridge until needed