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I really hate food trends. Please do not tell me I am only one. Now my sisters might tell you I have always hate whatever is in “fashion” and that my “cynical” side means I will never be “conventional”; but!!! It is not that I try to be like that. Maybe I was born with the weird gene that made me dislike convention and allow me to like weird stuff.


 I honestly have no idea how these things pop up; really we had the cupcake phase, macaron phase, cronut or something phase and now the éclair phase. That is only the sweet world; I have no idea what is going on in savoury land with the latest technologies. It is almost too fast for me to keep with. Keeping up with the Kardashians? That is nothing compared to keeping up with gastronomy.

One thing that get me is when people being to start business capitalising on these trends. I have nothing against being an entrepreneur; believe me I am more than happy to live in a society govern by economics. However when I see 4 stores selling the same thing taking over a town; that is annoying. They are taking over my other favourite stores to visit!! timtamslammerfroyo25287of12529-4268523

If you live in Sydney, it is impossible to not notice the boom in Yoghurt shops. You know the one that is promoted as the “healthy” alternative to normal ice cream but when you load it chocolate and other food stuffs; hmmm… not so much. Anyway, Even though I love deep in suburbs the yoghurt trend has even spread here. The last time I check there were 4 different frozen yoghurt shops in one shopping complex. I am just thinking “Who need this much frozen yoghurt?” Seriously. I have to question the creativity of the common Australian in food trends.timtamslammerfroyo25283of12529-6417295

 There are only two ice cream stores in this complex but yet 4 yoghurt stores; what is up with that???
Maybe someone can start a French toast store, or MAYBE!! You can bring back my bagel bar *hint* *hint*. Oh well only time will tell what the next be thing will be. How about a pie store? Like the old fashion deep fried party pies that MacDonald’s used to do but have like loads of flavours (sweet or savoury) and a business to make a cake from pie. Has anyone done this in the USA?

The topic is very light hearted today because I am super relaxed. I cannot tell you how excited I am. I HAVE FINSIHED MY DEGREE!!!! *party balloons and confetti guns* After years of uni, endless essays and draining lectures ( seriously, you just sit their but I feel more tired after a lecture than when I went in) ; I am truly done!

Hopefully I can pass this finial year and gradate next year *fingers crossed*

Well I know some of my readers are facing the cold but in Australia it is warming up and that means it is ice cream time.timtamslammerfroyo25286of12529-2170801

Modelled after a very Aussie tradition is a Tim tam slammer ice cream. If you unfamiliar with the Tim Tam slam it is when you bite the top and bottom off a tim tam and use it like straw to drink your coffee or tea. What you get is melted, chocolate, malted goodness for like 5 seconds before it goes to mush. Short but SOO… worth it. Now I have made several ice cream before this one, so I think it is time I try doing frozen yoghurt. I have always been sceptical of frozen yoghurt because I find it is always trying to be ice cream. If you want ice cream, eat ice cream; do try to pull the wool over your taste buds by doing a quick change at the yoghurt bar.

This is not ice cream, nor am I selling it as ice cream. Instead it is a tart but yet smooth frozen yoghurt which allows it to keep very well in the freezer and at room temp Also with the Aussie summer; anything to keep your ice cream from melting down your hand is bonus. By using a base of infused, coffee, chocolate Tim tam cream and then mixing it with yoghurt is possibly the best way getting a flavour into frozen yoghurt. While ice cream will still have my heart, however when I am in the mood for a darker and tart dessert with a smooth after taste; this is it. Also I am not paying 7 dollar for tub of something I can make in a larger amount.*cheap Asian Moment*


ALSO!!! I can trendy!!! SEE!! SEE!! I made a GIF!!!

YE take that! Sorry… Trying to fit in for once…


Tim tam slammer frozen yoghurt

– 150 grams chopped up tim tams.– 300 grams heavy cream– 120 grams golden caster sugar– 2 tablespoons cocoa powder, shifted– 1 tablespoons instant coffee

– 1 tablespoons malted milk – a good pinch of sea salt– 1/4 teaspoon natural vanilla extract

– 500 grams (10 1/2 ounces) plain Greek yogurt

Place your chopped tim tams, coffee and malted milk powder in a large bowl.In large saucepan bring to the boil your cream, sugar and vanilla. Pour is this over your tim tams in the bowl. Leave to cool for 20 minutes.Once it is cool, stir in your salt and yoghurt until it is combined. Strain the mix, pressing it down as much as you can to intensify the tim tam flavour.

Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours or overnight. Whisk it before you use it and freeze in an ice cream maker according to the manufacturer’s instructions.