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I am guessing depending on your Christmas recovery bloat; you are feeling a wee bit guilt for eating all the pie and cake, then using the left over bread as a spoon for the gravy for breakfast (guilty as charged…)

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However If you REALLY think about it; what is one day going to do to you? Even what is one week going to do to you? Let’s get geek with some science….
You need to eat 37,000kjs (kilojoules) to again ONE kilo. I high doubt your indulgences would top that on TOP OF the normal energy need, which is about 8700kjs. Also lets look at the sodium levels of Christmas dinner; they are enough to challenge water sea in a salty competition. Simply lots of salt equals A LOT of water retention. 

So those kilos you gained over night; not really “ body mass”.

Sure you may be bloated as hell for one week after Christmas but that evens out. Think about the times during this year when you skipped meals because you were too busy to eat, times when you said no because you did not want to look gluttonous, or simply you became ill and could not eat. So when you put it in perspective you are filling a negative void by eating at Christmas.
Also with New year’s coming up some of you will be dieting like hell to get into that new year’s outfit in 5 days.
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Another thing I can devote my new outlook on Christmas eating has to be credited to my baking and cooking during the year. As the owner of baking and dessert focus blog, people may be wondering if I really DO eat all these things.

The reality is yes, Yes I do. Yep all those breads, macarons and ice creams are eating by yours truly. When I make cake for other people the left over cut off cake is stored away and eaten as little nibbles though out the year or in cold storage until we need it for cake pops (Yes They are disgusting; but My sisters are suckers for pretty things >_