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I am guess you guys are over the Valentine’s day too. However this is to the people who were scorned yesterday; I am giving you some love on the day after. 

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You maybe cried your eyes out on the 14th but I am here to comfort you. I am not just taking about the singles but I am talking to those who have your loved ones in another country, divided by military deployment or who’s partner has departed this world sooner than they should. These people are so harshly judged by society. Without knowing the full story people are labelled as the “lonely hearted”, “broken” and “unlovable”. Seriously not cool.

I have been labelled this too. As a light hearted joke but I admit it still hurt to be reminded that I am a lone fish in the big ocean. There is increasing pressure on people to get a partner; even dating websites are claiming a naughty fling is better than having no one at all. Once again not cool.

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Life is a not a romantic comedy or even sit com drama. Some people are not as fortunate as other to find another partner in the dating world. They may not be able to get past the tragic loss or cannot find the heart to love another one. My heart goes out to you and hope you have another day to catch up in another life.

Dating again does not always work out and the internet is filled with strange people, scammers and love psychos just waiting to get their hands on your heart. Sometimes it can just be that you are quite content with your lonely status, understanding that your partner is doing something great in another country for millions of people. Maybe you come to the conclusion that your newly rewarded single status is something to be celebrated. That’s cool too; only I was so brave.

 So for those of you who have partners today and are keen to tell your romantic night tale, please give a thought to those I have mentioned above. To you sharing your joy is doing the world good but to them can it be a painful reminder of those that they are alone. Maybe you can bring your chocolates and share them around; I am pretty sure they will be more grateful to taste sweet happiness than just hear about it.

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This recipe is not one of my own but one that I fell in love with simply because it involves bread and it is probably the most successful quick rise yeast bread recipe that I have used. While I am a big fan of the slow rise breads with a dense heavy grain, I am not after that today. Sometimes what you need a batch of buttery buns that have enough flavour to stand up on their own as a snack food ( yes I eat bread all the time) but not over powering to make them perfectly acceptable as a side dish.

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This recipe is from Averie at Averie cook’s. While you might of her as the sweet peanut butter queen; she is more than just that. She develops some cracker savoury and bread recipes too.  These buns on her site where sticks but fulfilled every single promise. The dough was easy to handle which made it perfect for shaped bread. The buttery texture was not clawing and browned nicely if you added a soy based milk wash. Best of all these rose quicker than I expected in my warm summer house; so you have instant vegan bread buns for dinner guest.

Like she said it was the best use of an hour ever. The only problem is are they still vegan if they are shaped like fish?



Buttery vegan “fish” buns

Barely adapted from Averie cooks  

180g plain flour

220ml warm water

7g dry instant yeast

1 tbsp rice bran oil or (any other vegetable oil)

20ml rice syrup

3g salt

 20mkl Soy milk/ 30g vegan butter for glaze (optional before baking

30g vegan butter , separated for after baking

In a stand mixer or large bowl combine flour, water, yeast, oil, and sugar, salt. With the dough hook knead for about 6 minutes until the mixture becomes a smooth mass of dough. It should be smooth and have a definite ball shape to it. I did mine by hand it came together in about 15-18 minutes
Shape you bread rolls with greased hands into balls of about 60 grams. Reserve one ball to make the tails of your fish buns.
Line two trays with baking paper
 To make them in fish shapes cut two fairly deep slits in the side of your dough, these will be the fins. Gently mold and pull out he flaps, at 45 degree angles to the body, until you get a definite fin shape. With another small piece of dough pinch it to the back of the fish and shape to make the tail fin. Repeat with all bread rolls. Place on baking trays.
Cover the tray with cling wrap and leave in draft free, warm place for 20 minutes. To get more rise place in the oven with a tray filled with boiled water for 20 minutes. Melt your soy milk and 60g butter in a small bowl

After 20 minutes, remove the tray from the oven. Pre heat oven to 180C
Before baking. Brush on your soymilk/ Butter glaze. Place two seeds of sesame on the face.
Bake for about 20 minutes, or until slightly golden, firm to the touch, and reaches 200F on a food thermometer. After baking, toss the bread buns in remaining 30g melted butter.Leave to cool on a wire rack for 10 minutes before eating.