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 Repetition is a dangerous thing. If you are commercial radio listener in any country, I think you can agree that any station has killed music. In Australia, it has become so bad that I can almost predict what song will be on the radio next. I do not intentionally listen to it but the back ground noise of a song or (songs) about butts has me hating this female movement of “love your body” message. Taylor’s high pitched dis about haters has me wanting to shake her and! We cannot forget the random psychotic beats of the clubbing/ raving hits.


 Of course the others may say that repetition can cure the obsession with it however in my eyes repetition make you hate it more than ever. Songs that I used to cause me to shake my ass like #whitestgirlintheworld, cause me to cringe every time they play. Does repetition make the heart grow more founder of it or does it make you grow tired of it?

Either way repetition is not just reserved for music. Even in our baking/ food blogging/ lifestyle blogging world, repetition is everywhere. No matter how many times I see the stuffed cookie, cookie dough wrapped sweet or bacon caramel wrapped everything ; I can never consider them new.  I cannot be the only one who grows tired of seeing the recipe from the New York times’ No knead bread recipe or the hybrid sweet thing with the seasons key ingredient. No matter how “new” you think a recipe is; it never will be (well unless you find a way to apply an unknown heat, to unknown ingredients)



They were nice but not when you read 4 blogs in a row who have applied fake lye water to a baked good. Trashy way has it is place, just like formality; you just cannot have too much of it. I will never claim to completely original with recipes because they are all sourced from other books and pictures. I also do my best the balance what I put on here with sweet, sweet delights of fat kid heaven and the down to earth products that has inspired me.This is why my blog should really be called that an ordinary suburban girl can create with a limited space, too much time and a being a frugal finch. 


Being my cheap, cheap self; the winding abundance of pumpkin on special has me crying that I did not buy in bulk, pre roast and puree it for further use. I love pumpkin but not in the traditional manner of sweet pies. I have never had pumpkin pie to be honest. USA readers? What is it like? What’s up with the marshmallows on it? Pumpkin lattes do not register on my craving radar however the use of pumpkin in bread does.


I know it may a bit early to celebrate pumpkins again but I have obtained some saffron threads in a basket of gourmet food stuffs. I am so excited to see what I can create with it, also the little bottle of squid ink has be busting to use it in bread buns too! (more on this later)

I did not intentionally create this loaf with the St Lucia Buns in mind but I did what it see what saffron would be like in a sweet bread. Being true to my nature I was too lazy to roll them out into the buns, so I made it in to a loaf. A twisted sugar loaf in fact but what did my rant about pumpkin have to do with this. The pumpkin puree is the golden base which makes the saffron really shine. Also is anyone else sick of pumpkin spice?


Studded with soaked Marsala raisins, this sunny bread will make any morning just that little easier when spread with yellow butter or honey. Yellow on yellow on gold; what can be more beautiful? This is best on the day but it still has a great texture one day after thanks to the pumpkin.  Makes 2 one pound tin loaf but you can freeze one loaf for later date.


Twisted St Lucia Pumpkin Bread
Adapted from Simply Recipes

Make 2 one pound loafs

150g raisins 150ml marsala 100g butter 300g milk 14g dry yeast 4g salt 2 egg yolks 100g white sugar 20 saffron threads 200g pumpkin puree, unsweetened 700g-800g bread flour
Middle: raw, coffee sugar
Optional: Egg wash, Sunflower seeds, and raw sugar for topping

In small sauce pan bring Marsala to the boil. Place in raisins and leave to soak for 15 minutes; drain. At the same time use another small saucepan and bring milk and butter to a lukewarm temperature. Add saffron thread s and yeast; leave to infuse for about 15 minutes as well.

In a large stand mixer place 700g flour, sugar, salt, egg yolks and pumpkin puree. Make a well in the center and pour in the milk mixture when ready. Come on a low speed for 1 minute them a medium for 10 minutes.  Add more flour if the dough is VERY sticky but less flour makes nicer bread.  Once it becomes smooth and elastic, shaped into a round and placed in oiled bowl covered with a damp cloth. Leave to double in size about 1 hour. Grease too loaf pans with butter.

Punch down dough and form it into two balls. Roll each on a floured surface to smooth it out again. Shape each ball into a rectangles 28 by 16 cm approx. Spread over with half of the raisins and raw sugar. Roll the bread up Swiss roll style from the longest side. Use a sharp knife to cut down the long length ways. Twist the divided dough (like a braid) as carefully as possible to keep the folds and raisins in place. Transfer to loaf pan. Repeat with other dough. Cover with cling film and leave to rise for 45 minutes. Pre heat oven to 180C.

Once risen, brush with egg wash and sprinkle over seeds and sugar. Bake for 30-40 minutes, covering with foil at 15 minutes if too brown.