It’s my 2nd Birthday! (blog that is) /-/ Fruity Clinkers Rice Krispy Cake | It’s my 2nd Birthday! (blog that is) /-/ Fruity Clinkers Rice Krispy Cake – The Moonblush Baker



A young girl sits on a polished, tacky wooden bench in a suburban super center. Within her little hands gasp a greased red and yellow printed take away box. The box hides the lovely scent of fried chicken nibbles and a golden pile of shoe strong fires that would be her proposed lunch. As she opens the box, the aroma creeps to perfume the area. Not even a minute pass before she begins to tuck in the chips and chicken. Not civilised with fork and knives but using her hands with the single tissues provided to maintain some modesty.

While she tucks into the box without a care in the world, she over hears the muffed sniggers and giggles in her left ear. Shifting her sight slightly to the left, she notices the noise is coming from the children sitting on that same bench; whispering and pointing in her direction. These children could be no more than her age however the girl knew the meaning of their actions straight away.

Suddenly the joyful taste of her meal was gone; left was only the over salted after taste of dried meat and fat. She tried to continue on with her lunch but he moist meat and lightly spiced crumb turned most vile. Slight tears welling deep, stomach churning and head down in shame. Carefully she closed the box, wiped her tainted hands on whatever napkin she had left, placed the box back in the bag. A proceeded to hop off the bench and made her way towards her mother’s trolley, indicating she was done. 

On the way out towards the car she dropped the barely eaten meal in the bin, stomach still rumbling but she was physically full with self-loathing and disdain.   

rice-krispy-cake-9-of-1-6971241 rice-krispy-cake-9-of-1-6971241

Have I ever told you I have not eaten fried chicken and chips since I was 6? If you put the pieces together you will understand where I am going with this. Yep that little girl was me, sitting on that bench eating lunch. 

 That day was one the most horrid experiences in my childhood that I can remember. On that day I learned, the world doesn’t love little girls eating fired food and deep down I knew this was the start of many experiences that I will be mocked and made the outcast. 

How this have anything to do with today? Well to brighten the mood here a bit, it is my blogs 2nd birthday! Yes I have done 48 months of ranting post leading to a baking adventures ending in deliciousness. I cannot put into words how much this blog has helped me grow as a person and allowed me to see what I really want to do for the rest of my life. 

  rice-krispy-cake-3-of-1-2608797 rice-krispy-cake-3-of-1-2608797  

You shared my ups and major downs this year with great support, pinned and shared my pictures (which I am deeply grateful for as a 2nd year DLSR photographer) and commented on the posts ( I love each everyone of you). 

As much as I would love to say I have friends that food bloggers, I don’t (Well I think I don’t anyway). However the general support network of the food blogging and bloggers have made me more secure. 

rice-krispy-cake-5-of-1-2027256 rice-krispy-cake-5-of-1-2027256  

I realised it is OK if you have out of the ordinary hobbies. It is OK to like to cook at home on a Friday night rather than go out partying on the town. It is OK to have the scent of bakery products from your home at midnight and that there is always a time for baking cookies (even at 3 am).  It is OK to be able to recite the conversions for ounces to grams, Fahrenheit to Degrees Celsius and US cups to UK cups of all baking products in perfect rhythm.  

rice-krispy-cake-2-of-1-1952469 rice-krispy-cake-2-of-1-1952469  

Most importantly, this blog and you guys who read from all around the world have made me feel more accepted as a person than I could ever do in the real life. That little girl would of have love to have known this world existed then she would not have thrown her lunch away but given the kids a tongue poke and kept eating.

 I never thought people I have barely met could make me feel more secure in my abilities than any marking guideline and for that I am being you guys a HUGE THANK YOU. Thank you for making fried chicken stuffed everything; Thank you for all the cookies and cake hacks; Thank you for the ice cream recipes that are almost insane. A big thank you to all of you who read my blog, without you now of this would be possible!

rice-krispy-cake-6-of-1-2719419 rice-krispy-cake-6-of-1-2719419

This naked Clinkers rice Krispy cake is my 2nd blogs birthday cake! If you do not know what clinkers are they are fruity light crispy candy, coated in milk chocolate. They are colour differently on the inside, so you never know what you are going to get!

This cake is a chewy rice Krispy treat filled with fruity pop rock, milk chocolate buttercream topped off with dark chocolate ganache, choc coated pop rocks and crushed Clinkers. Green is apple, pink is strawberry, yellow is tropical, and orange is well… orange.   

The randomly coloured surprise is made even better with more candy! Let me cut this post short now. You do not need to fancy with this cake and is very easy if you are catering for a lot with a minimal time. Also the cleaning is a simple as boiled water and your washing liquid. The sugar melts instantly.

Layers of vanilla toned rice treat with the fruity crunch of the Clinker and the pop rock fun that you get on the top make this cake a real stunner. I hope you try it one day!

rice-krispy-cake-1-of-1-3746964 rice-krispy-cake-1-of-1-3746964

Fruity Clinkers Rice Krispy Cake with Pop rock surprise
This one makes a 16cm mini pan in four layers with a height of 3cm.
120g unsalted butter 400g mini marshmallows 12 g vanilla extract 480g rice puff cereal Pinch of salt

Food gels in pink, green, yellow and orange

110g of unsalted butter, softened 150 g icing’ sugar 40g cocoa powder 7g vanilla extract

100g melted chocolate

70g dark chocolate, chopped 50g cream 10g butter Clinker candies, roughly crushed (plus some for eating!) Different coloured pop rocks in pink, yellow and green


Grease four spring-form pans, set aside.In a small sauce pan, melt 30g butter and 100g marshmallows over a low heat stir with a greased spatula till melted. Add in a drop of the vanilla, green food colour and a pinch of salt. Add 120g rice puff cereal to the marshmallow mixture. Stir together with your spatula until all rice puffs are covered in the mixture. Press the cereal into the pans with greased. Cover with a sheet of baking paper and press flat and even. Refrigerate cakes until set. You will need to this three more times in yellow, orange and pink.
Chop chocolate and place in a heat proof bowl. Place this bowl over a pot of simmering water and stir until melted, allow to cool.


In a stand mixer, fitted with the paddle, beat butter, cocoa, and icing sugar on low until combined like sand. Turn the mixer to medium and beat until it is creamy and pale. Add the vanilla and beat on high for 30 seconds. Scrape down the bowl. On a low speed pour in the melt chocolate into the mix while beating the butter cream. Turn on to high whip until combined and fluffy again. If it is too soft place in the fridge for 5 minutes then beat on high again until smooth. Set aside.

Melt cream butter and chocolate in microwave proof bowl in 30 second burst in the microwave. Stir till melted and smooth.


Four different colour unmoulded Rice Krispy cakes One recipe of butter cream One recipe of the ganache

Chopped Clinker candies and pop rocks

Place one layer of the cake on a lined turn table. Transfer some of the butter cream to a piped bag fitted with a round 1 cm opening. Frost the top of that cake and smooth out with an offset spatula. Sprinkle some pop rock candies in the middle, Place another layer gently on top. Repeat the frost, spread, sprinkle and next layer process until they are all used. Return to the fridge for 20 minutes for the butter cream to harden.

Pour ganache all over the top, allowing it to drip down. Sprinkle pop rocks on the edge and place halved or quartered Clinker candy in the middle, Use the ganache to help them glue to each other. Fridge for 20 minutes before eating.