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It is understandable if you  have mistaken my kitchen interior to be as pretty as the ones on Pinterest and other food bloggers. The rising popularity in taking shots in the kitchen has set a new standard for the rest of us; we are no longer allowed to have non-styled behind the scenes anymore. This statement might make a huge amount of you frown and almost reach for the “follow” button, however one thing about pretty is that it is not practical.

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My style of cooking has evolved. Slowly maturing from a collectible/novelty fanatical with a poor sense of organisation, to 5 foot 1 kitchen autocrat who panics about not having a clean steel bench top. Hey! You never know when you would need a steel bench top, what if I want pizza….

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Of course this all comes from my attempt to re organise the chaos that is my kitchen/work area with surprising results. As someone who comes from a “no waste family”, it has taken about 1 month and bit to clean up the stuff out of the house. Now comes the hardest part which is finding ways to put what we have left in a fashion that is aesthetically pleasing but functional. I am responsible for the kitchen of course. I am not trying to pick on one type of person or even a group, but designs set by these food blogs, style blogs and interior designers are not great in the long run.

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Small trays; wire hanging racks near the stove; spices/oils/books over the stove or on the ceiling selves; ANYTHING out of white PLUSH fabrics have no place in the used kitchen. In the long run trays are often re-cluttered, spices/oils/books are damaged and the cleaning/fading of white to pale urine yellow is not attractive. I am also not a big fan of introducing pot plants with soil into the kitchen area. This a big fear of mine is finding a bug or crawler in my food when I am cooking/baking.

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Sure if you have moola to splash out on your kitchen once a year or even every two yearly, go ahead make your kitchen a look-alike tribute to style. However for the majority of us this is not possible, so after all this whining I am sharing what I might be doing.

First, be real about how your kitchen is used. If you are cooking everyday in the kitchen, have little kids etc.. the most stylish option may not be for you.

Second, look at organization tips for their functional purpose first rather than how “hipster” it is. I have become a big fan of using the walls and to have a little as possible on the kitchen table top besides the heavy as Kitchenaid Stand mixer (>_