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Some people are horrible. Correction ALL people at one time are horrible. Whether you admit to yourself or not you have had the mean comment about someone’s dress, given them the insulting compliment or outright stuck up your middle finger  in traffic. However the difference is now is that twitter can be a horrible use of 140 characters on the internet. I never knew people did this until I ventured out of my nightly routine to flip on just when the Jimmy Kimmel show was on and featuring their line up of Mean Tweets.

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For those in America or who have access to cable you must be rolling your eyes and telling me, “seriously it took you THIS long!?!!”


Most of my laughs have either been from watching a marathon of Family Guy with slightly worse for wear friends. So you can say this some a really great timing given the fact I have not been able to really laugh in a long time. Sure I was able to express some kind of chuckle or say “that was funny” however a really great laugh which brings you to tears is something I have not experienced in a long time.


Yep I live under the rock of the earth, only figuring out that the late night shows do not revolve around David Lettermen.  Hey don’t judge. Australia is slow at getting good stuff on television. I could laugh at this all day with a coffee table filled with many cups of double shot long blacks and macchiato. Correction I would not even need the caffeine fix to keep me going, the pure adrenaline from laughing is more than enough. First you laugh at the things at the say then you go “aww” with sympathy for the celebrity getting the tweet.


It is wrong of me to say that reading the things people post on twitter are the funniest things I have ever heard? I have no idea how these trolls come up with comments but a lot of them need to stop using C word, F word, and S word. Also the comments directed at the people who sing in country western music; get some new insults! Pick up trucks and inbred relations are not that funny anymore.  However that being said some of them actually quite creative with their insults, I had no idea that 140 characters could spell such nasty sentence.


It must be so very brave of them to become a celebrity on twitter.  Associating bravery with something as simple as being in the public eye? I seriously think there is no scarier thing to do than to expose yourself for the world to see. The fact that they can laugh at them is a statement to their toughen emotional skin; I do not take comments personally, but I do get hurt when people do not call me back after dates or if job trail never go through even though they offered you one. #firstjobproblems

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While I highly doubt that these celebrities are going to give up their million dollar lifestyles over a few nasty comments; they have to expect that with the positive comes the negative that comes with it.    The best 30 minutes or 40ish of my life I have ever used ever.

Anyway on to quick bread recipe that you have to make right now if you have the luxury of concord grapes. Seriously go wash them in your home right now. I’ll wait. OK your back? Good.

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This Earl grey concord grape and pear cake had some how rekindled my love of quick breads. If you know me you understand I am not a lover of sweet loaves. It is not that I dislike them, it is just that the sweetness, often band dry wanna be sponge like texture has me choking on the first mouthful. I have had the experience when a slice of banana bread crumpled in to a pile of dry crumbs after the “perfect” crust has penetrated.

For those of your not familiar with the flavours of earl grey; it is a flower, citrus tea with a gentle after taste. My mother likes it in the afternoon with milk a cake. While I would not condone this as health food even though it contains fruit and quinoa flakes.  It is styled like those loves you get from the cafe. Big chunks of fruit dotted in a random on a pale golden canvas of crumbs, in this case it is painted with blobs of purple and pale lime. The grapes mean this bread stay juicy and tender. Even the fridge can not draw out all of the moisture thanks to the earl grape syrup, you set the fruit in for a couple of minutes.


I used a straight up oil here as the butter sometimes loaves made with butter do dry out more quickly. This is a simple loaf and then you can leave it in the oven. I swear you not burn it because the smells wafting out of the oven would be enough to lure you back to oven, eager to open the door.

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This Earl grey concord grape and pear bread when baked has golden caramelised top and deep center furrow.  A light smoky citrus hint, mellow sweetness of pear and the almost jam like grapes mean you don’t even need the glaze the bread to make it taste good. However Lets go with the wind and cook a loaf this Valentine’s day. Breakfast in bed is still a thing right?

#NiceTweet I want to send a loaf of this Earl Grey Concord Grape and Pear Bread to all the celebrities on #MeanTweet for Valentine’s day.


Earl Grey Concord Grape and Pear Bread

Makes 10 slices

EARL GREY SYRUP ( can make this at any time as it keeps well)

100g caster sugar

80ml water

5 earl grey tea bags


220g self raising flour

5g baking powder

2g fine sea salt

250ml butter milk or Milk sub,

2/3 cups or 80g quinoa flakes

60ml rice bran oil

1 egg

60ml rice syrup

250g concord grapes soaked in syrup

2-3 small pears, peeled, cored and diced

Extra grapes halved for toppping


Preheat oven to 350F or 180C. Oil and line a 2 pound loaf tin with baking paper.

In a small sauce pan heat water and sugar and tea bags till boiling. Allow tea bags to soak for 5 minutes and add the grapes when it is still hot. Leave aside.

In a  large food processor combine the flour, quinoa flakes, baking powder and salt. Pulse to combine.

Place in milk, egg, rice syrup, and oil. Turn it on for 30 seconds until just combined.

Remove the center blade and scrape the sides of bowl to remove any stuck bits. Place pears and add grapes, removing as much syrup as possible when you put them in. Don’t worry if some gets in. Fold to combine

Pour into prepared tin, top with more halved grapes if desired and bake for 45 minutes to 55 minutes, until a skewer comes clean when inserted in the middle. Remove from oven.

Allow to cool in tin for 10 minutes then lift out to cool further on a wire rack.