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caramelised-white-mocha-meringues-5-3263630 There times in life which are life changing. I mean we all have the tendency to exaggerate our life, making simple decision or event seem the be all and end all. Remember the High school aptitude test test you though would make or break your future? Come to think of it I do not even remember the numbers, it let alone bother to show it to people to prove I am worthy of their respect.

However the week has been a roll coaster and half. NO over exaggeration here and you will see why.

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I know I should be whipped a million times for not updating sooner but life has gone from zero to one thousand kilometers per hour in one simple signature. As you know I discovered a great love for baking and  creating cakes and many other delicious goodness. Also I have made it no secret that if did have the chance to fulfil this as a full time job I would take the chance immediately. Well the time has come my friends. I got my first full time job in a real service kitchen. I work in the pastry section, creating dishes of tasty perfection to cross the pass to diver to the public.

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Yes I suck at it, I never worked in this kind of environment before. Hell, I never worked a full time job in my life!

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However at the very old age of 22 I think it is time I joined the rest of society and rat race of 9 to 5. Well in my case 9 to 12 am at night, ye that is shift of 14 hours. So hopefully with some pushing, determination and very hard work I will learn and grow from this. Not only to become a better baker/pastry chef but a tougher skin person in general. Life does not care for the wimpy, so it is either get it or get left behind.

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So as I rush to prepare another batch of soften whipped butter to practice piping with I leave you with a recipe for a simple sophisticated cookie with new age flavours. Caramelised white chocolate is still on the lips of many great chefs around the world. Come to think of it the less the sweet a dessert is the better. When you slow cook white chocolate, the sugars that make it so “candy like” mature to a mellow nutty flavour. The pure whiteness  become studs in desserts like golden nuggets.

caramelised-white-mocha-meringues-8-600x900-6593475 caramelised-white-mocha-meringues-8-9499643

This is why the use of them in the caramelised white chocolate mocha meringues is almost too good not to share. The sugar in meringue is often un pleasantly sweet with unless you add something plain like cream or tangy fruit sorbet. Here the use of bitter coffee (espresso instant grounds) works with the heavily caramelised white chocolate nuggets to make plain sugar and egg whites something worth serving at afternoon tea. Not too hard to make and little hands on time however time is needed with these whipped cookies as they need to dehydrate and you need to allow the white chocolate to caramelise on its own. You will see that the white is speckled with tan; that is the caramelised white chocolate bits.

caramelised-white-mocha-meringues-1-900x600-9097575 caramelised-white-mocha-meringues-1-3859779

They are based off a Italian meringue recipe as I find it holds better shape compared to the french. Also I am a bit scared of over beaten or under beating french meringue.Nothing is worst then opening the oven to a pile of sticky sweet egg white mess.

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Caramelised White Mocha Meringues are delightful for afternoon tea but I think meringue cookies are designed for secret stashes. They keep in the freezer well and then you can pull one out any time you need it. I could not ask for more these days; flavourful, easy convenient desserts for a sugar craving.

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Caramelised White Choc Mocha Meringues

250g golden caster sugar ( normal is fine here too but golden caster sugar is very fine raw sugar. I think it taste better in high sugar desserts.)

60ml water

pinch of salt

2 tsp instant espesso powder

5-6 egg whites (about 150g)

200g white chocolate, roughly chopped ( 1cm pieces approx.)

NOTE: If your oven is GAS:  Reduce oven to as low as it will go for best results. My oven is a convection and I have a oven thermometer so I can change the temp when needed.    I recommend you test the meringues at 30minutes. If they dry to the touch, can be removed easily from the baking paper and the surface has large deep cracks; turn off the oven and leave them over night.


Pre heat oven to 120C. Line 3 trays with baking paper. In a small sauce pan combine water and sugar and bring to the boil on the stove on high.

While the pot is coming to the boil place egg whites in a stand mixer with the whisk head.

Once sugar boiling, place in  sugar thermometer. When it reaches 114C turn the stand mixer on to high and whip the egg whites to firm peaks. Cook the sugar until it reaches 118C. Pour syrup in a slow stream in the egg whites with the stand mixer going on high. Once all syrup is added, place in salt and coffee powder. Beat until room temperature.

Stop The mixer and fold in white chocolate. Spoon tablespoon moulds on to baking tray and bake in oven for 2 hours. Test the meringues to see if they are firm to touch. Once they are firm turn off oven and leave them to cool over night in the oven.  Store in air tight containers for about a week.