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The sign that completely love food are as follows.

A majority of your expenses are devoted to food rather than other things ( even though all your clothes have a hole in it).

All the books you own are around the topics of contemporary food news, recipes or food literature.

You would rather go without most things than forget to pay your internet bill ( for your web food blog surfing of course).

Even rushing home to check on that sourdough starter you been cultivating, hoping to see signs of life.

You get up at 4 am to get to you baking job on time because you enjoy that much. You put up with the bruises, cuts and caramel burns because the end result taste s so good. Late nights practicing techniques to get them perfect; not for you but for the customer that comes in asking for same baked goods everyday because they enjoy it so much.

oreo-cake-3-600x900-6341936 oreo-cake-3-4535397

oreo-cake-10-596x900-9092309 oreo-cake-10-1474126

What is this rant about food and baking about? You will see.

Over the weekend I turned 23.  This weekend I could actually reflect on where I was 5 years ago to now and how it has improve since working with food again. 5 years back I would not even know the difference between O and OO flour. I did not know what  meringue recipe was best for what and if you came to me asking for a cookie it would come out a box. I had no motivation for life; feeling around just hoping something would give me a sense of pride. Of course I did average at everything, even above average at somethings but I couldn’t careless. A grade soon become nothing more to me than a score on a paper.

oreo-cake-8-600x900-8426061 oreo-cake-8-5537937

Also I very anxious and battling my own inner demons. Nothing feels worse than waking up everyday hoping you’ll meet your end Donny Darko style.

oreo-cake-7-575x900-2522913 oreo-cake-7-9053829

oreo-cake-6-600x900-9324323 oreo-cake-6-7540083

It actually didn’t, baking did not making a poster broad sign saying choose me! However as the interest grew and the hours of cooking became months of baking to years. It soon was clear as crystal that baking was for me.  It gave me something to actually strive towards and become better at it every day.  Achieving a skill gave me such a sense of pride and the bruises did not even hurt. Well they did little bit but time heals all physical boo boos. At least the baked goods turn out good in end 🙂

oreo-cake-5-600x900-5692046 oreo-cake-5-5188505

oreo-cake-4-596x900-8250888 oreo-cake-4-1680362

After all of that this cake is inspired by the grey theme of the depressed cake shop. Even in the most depressing colour, baking can create something beautiful and bring happiness to many. Cookies and cream is a classic combo but classics are the best. A silky two tone mousse cake finished with a salty sweet dark oreo crust. That is not the best part, the topping is where it is at. OREO VODKA Marshmallows! You heard right! Fluffy pieces of heaven, laced with oreo; if you have room place on the melted chocolate too.

oreo-cake-1-600x900-3675255 oreo-cake-1-9606388

If you have any left they are great on hot chocolate too. So very easy since most can be done in advanced and the cookies, marshmallows and mini oreo hide all mistakes. Not hard but requires some waiting; no problem in my books! I can go eat more cake while it is in the fridge.

oreo-cake-9-596x900-7390038 oreo-cake-9-5235958

Cookies and cream Insanity Cake

Oreo Vodka Marshmallows

Adapted from Tart Tart

21g powdered gelatine

90g flavoured vanilla vodka

300g caster sugar

300g glucose

160g water

30g cornflour

30g icing sugar

crushed oreos 1/2 packet

crushed oreo crumbs

Whisk gelatine in to 80g of cold water and 45g vodka. This will form a thick paste. Pour in to stand mixer bowl. Attach whisk to stand mixer. Line and grease well a square 8 inch pan. Set aside.

Combine remaining water, vodka, sugar and glucose in a large sauce pan.  Boil over high medium heat till the temperature reaches 115C. Remove from heat and turn on the stand mixer to low.

While beating the gelatine slowly add syrup in a steady slow stream.  Once all added increase to high and continue beating till a thick ribbon is formed when beater is lifted. Fold in oreos. immediately scoop out in to the greased cake pan. Push in gently oreo crumbs. Smooth over with a greased spatula. Allow to set over night .

After setting, peel away grease proof and dust over cornflour and icing sugar. The marshmallow must be well covered. Cut with a wet knife into 4 cm squares. Dust over more icing sugar/corn flour mix. Set aside in air tight box, it will last one week max.

Vanilla mousse

Adapted from Ricardo cuisine

12g gelatine

45ml water

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

375 milk

130 egg yolk

10ml white creme de cacao

100ml cream, chilled

Whisk in gelatine in to cold water. Leave for 5 to minutes to bloom.

add vanilla to milk. Over low heat in a saucepan bring the milk to boiling point.

Whisk egg yolks and sugar in a medium bowl to light, pale yellow and fluffy.  Temper eggs yolks by pouring a small amount of milk in at a time while whisking.  Once all combined, pour it back to the same saucepan and heat on medium low. Using a wooden spoon continuously stir the custard until it coats . Remove from heat and pour in to a another bowl.

Add gelatine mix and whisk to dissolve. Cool down custard in ice bath. Stir in White cacao. Leave to cool

Whip cream until firm peaks are formed. fold into the custard. Cool in fridge until needed

Chocolate mousse ( note: this make more than you need)

115g dark chocolate, finely chopped

395g can condense milk

1 vanilla bean, scraped of seeds

500ml cold pure cream (35%)

4g flaky sea salt

Melt chocolate  and condense milk together over low heat in a sauce pan. Add vanilla pod seeds Once melted stir till smooth then set aside for 1 hour to cool. Once room temp Whip cream to soft peaks. Fold into chocolate mix. Fold in salt. Refrigerate till needed.

Base plus assembly

300g oreo crumbs

20g dark cocoa,sieve

4g salt

90g~100g melted butter

Combine crumbs, cocoa, salt and butter in a bowl until looks like wet sand. Press into greased and lined spring form cake pan (18cm) going up the sides and base. Place in freezer till hard.

Once base is formed. Pour in the chocolate mousse to 1/3. Place 2 tablespoon  sized spoonfuls of the vanilla mousse at 12 o’clock, 3,6,and 9 ( think of the circle as a clock). Add more mousse to 2/3 add tablespoons of vanilla mouse into gaps at 2 o’clock, 4, 8 and 10. Fill with remaining mouse to the top of the cake. Fridge overnight.

On serving

Un mould the mousse cake careful and place on cake plate. Melt a small amount of chocolate. Stick and decorate with marshmallows, mini oreos and pocky sticks.