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themoonblushbaker Cake, Drop cookies 12 responses November 12, 2014 Today I am not going to be deep and meaningful. Not that my regular post are true D&Ms but you hopeful understand) This post is about being selfish and having a humble brag.  In most societies bragging is considered bad form but I have always wonder … Read more

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themoonblushbaker Bars/Slices, Cut Out cookies 8 responses May 28, 2013 I am going to rant here about a topic I feel needs to be addressed: Plastic surgery Plastic surgery has come up a lot in our media. For years, decades even, the press has been churning out stories of the latest celebrity “supposed” work. Gossip … Read more

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  Just a general guess but a majority of you reading this would have ancestors who migrated from another country. Whether you are a second, third or even fourth generation of a convict, farmer or noble man; going to primary school was a cultural battle ground.  I am an Australian Born Chinese (or ABC as… … Read more

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themoonblushbaker caramel, dessert, sweet 6 responses November 3, 2014 What are your habits with buying Chocolate? Are you those who pick up unique treats from a faraway land, piling them up only to use them for something show stopping? Could you be one of those impulsive buyers who picks up the candy bars from the … Read more

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themoonblushbaker cake, dessert, party, sweet 3 responses November 24, 2014   Dessert and cake table. We had a WHOLE roast pig. Seriously yum for the meat eatters. We had a stir fry bar where you could customize your own salad. Very Very good. The other things we had the  party were White chocolate rocky road, … Read more

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themoonblushbaker chocolate, dessert, sweet 15 responses December 22, 2014 It’s beginning to look a lot like… Not Christmas! It’s already truly settled, so that’s not it.  My blog has finally got the makeover I been procrastinating and untalented enough to do myself! I am now on WordPress, so it be much easier for me to … Read more