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themoonblushbaker Cookies, Drop cookies 12 responses May 5, 2013 Let me start off by saying, Thank you readers!! I had no idea that my cupcakes would be so popular. I just wanted to win a kitchen aid…. Anyway I would love to thank you all you lovely comments about them. This has to be the … Read more

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Nothing is more romantic than the child’s mind. Joy, wonder and discovery is around every corner and undertaking an exposition in to the unknown is part of every day life. From these adventures we plan out our future path. The family pet inspires us to be vet or zoo keeper. The fire trucks or police… … Read more

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themoonblushbaker Cupcake 18 responses February 11, 2015   I make it no secret that I am a singleton this year. Just like last year and the year before that. Honestly I have not missed the partner commitment because these three years I found a new love. A love for baking and cooking for my family, … Read more

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themoonblushbaker Cake, No bake Dessert 18 responses May 4, 2015   The sign that completely love food are as follows. A majority of your expenses are devoted to food rather than other things ( even though all your clothes have a hole in it). All the books you own are around the topics of contemporary … Read more

Pretty Unpopular /-/ Quadruple Milo Glazed Loaf Cake | Pretty Unpopular /-/ Quadruple Milo Glazed Loaf Cake – The Moonblush Baker

It is understandable if you  have mistaken my kitchen interior to be as pretty as the ones on Pinterest and other food bloggers. The rising popularity in taking shots in the kitchen has set a new standard for the rest of us; we are no longer allowed to have non-styled behind the scenes anymore. This statement … Read more

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themoonblushbaker May 25, 2015 themoonblushbaker May 4, 2015 themoonblushbaker April 23, 2015 themoonblushbaker April 16, 2015 themoonblushbaker April 6, 2015 themoonblushbaker March 23, 2015 themoonblushbaker March 2, 2015 themoonblushbaker February 23, 2015 themoonblushbaker February 16, 2015 themoonblushbaker February 11, 2015 themoonblushbaker February 5, 2015 themoonblushbaker February 2, 2015 themoonblushbaker January 26, 2015 themoonblushbaker January 19, … Read more

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themoonblushbaker Macarons 8 responses December 30, 2014 This is an appropriate time to mention I have a new blog design! (if you did not see it last one) However I have added a few new addition features with more to come! I am so glad to get so much feedback from you guys over the … Read more

It comes in three’s /-/ Beetroot baked char sui and shiikate mushroom buns | It comes in three’s /-/ Beetroot baked char sui and shiikate mushroom buns – The Moonblush Baker

Yes! I am back online. The disconnection from this blog is strangle and uncomfortable, it is like losing a limb to a great virtual accident. While I try my best to come on here everyday (and the read the millions of blogs I have in my bookmarks); reality is a butch bitch. I continue to … Read more