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  • August 6, 2014

  Sometimes I think we are the devil to our own demise. For anyone that has been lured in to the attractive commercials for exercise equipment, kitchen kit and other “make it easier” appliances you know about this. Manufactures of late night infomercial products have profited of our need to do everything in an easier…

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  • May 27, 2014

Contrary to popular belief I do have to cut loose from baking and cooking sometimes. Do not get me wrong preparing and baking desserts, cake, pie etc. is incredibly satisfying; not to mention delicious (sometimes); however like all activities I cannot bake sweets 24/7. Sometimes the things I am craving are labelled as “vegan or…

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  • March 17, 2013

I am not a morning person, any chance I get I avoid getting up for as long as possible. Bright lights, noise and the rising sun all seem to annoy me. Now you know why I am the moon blush baker, I cook most often in the night and afternoon. I really do not know…

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  • March 4, 2013

I think planning is one of the best tools in life, to be prepared for anything and be able to come out on top. As a dessert baker, everyone knows the importance of planning and preparing before hand in order to achieve top results. Butter needs to be soften, eggs at room temp, flour triple…

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  • December 14, 2012

Who remembers the great banana famine of 2011?For those who are unaware, Cyclone Yasi hit Queensland wiping out a majority of banana production for the country. This shock in the banana production sent prices of bananas into the $15 per kilo mark, almost on par with fresh berries and exotic fruit. Who could ever image…