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  • January 15, 2014

Guess what? Today I have nothing to rant about *shocker*. I am actually quite content with how things are going which is a first for me as I am easily ticked off by the smallest thing.Maybe not completely content…The summer weather in Australia is breeding the worse kind of bug.  For those of you in…

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  • June 26, 2013

Trending, re- blogging, pins, tweets and notes. If you familiar with social media lingo, you will know what these mean. These are things that we have loved and decided to make viral. In food of course we all know the ideas of confetti, cookie dough and usually hybrid foods (croughnut) are currently hot topics. While…

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  • May 20, 2013

As we all know what is considered social norms have evolved great from our prehistoric, pre enlightenment times. It is funny how it used to be unacceptable for a woman to go out without a male escort or the amount of emphasis on dress codes in normal everyday life. I think I remember seeing an…