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  • January 13, 2015

I can not be alone. I am a love fool. Call me dramatic ( I am). Call me O.T.T.O ( Always). However this does not concern my relationship status; Can you guess what I fall for? For anyone that cooks, bakes, reads or writes food blogs; one of the fundamental skills obtained in your early…


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  • October 15, 2014

  In any hospitality course the number one rule is to keep the customer happy, within reasonable restraints. Well duh I am not going to give you a free meal every time someone complains but on the house desserts or drinks are call for.  The one thing that has stuck with me throughout this year…

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  • June 23, 2013

I know I have not been blogging for a long time, so I have no right to whine about having nothing to talk about; but ironically this does give me some inspiration(if you can call it that) to write. The most annoying thing for beginning any kind of writing, whether it be your Final essay,…